Key features
  • 2D or 3D perspective for landmarks and city views
  • Traffic patterns based on historical data
  • On-screen speed limits
  • Advance notice of upcoming exits and appropriate driving lane
  • Guaranteed map updates for three years

Please Note:

Many functions can be easily operated using voice commands, commander knob or touch screen. When the vehicle is in motion, all touch screen functions are disabled for safety reasons. However, the commander knob and voice recognition remain fully functional. Some features require data usage; check your plan to see if additional fees will be incurred.

You cannot change input methods (voice recognition, touch screen or commander knob) during a navigation task. The method used to begin the navigation task must be used through completion. (For example, if you begin a navigation task using the touch screen, you cannot switch to voice recognition until that task has been completed and you begin a new one.)


Using navigation is simple and convenient when you configure your system however it works best for you.


It's easy to find the right destination when you have a variety of convenient options. Choose a place of interest, a location on the map, one of your favorites, a destination from your history, or enter an address or coordinate.

Find Help

Use the preset search features to find the services you need in any location. Select hospitals, police stations, fire stations, or vehicle repair shops as your category.

Update My Maps

Access to the most current maps and traffic flow information will help your navigation system function more efficiently and accurately.