Making and receiving a call is simple and convenient using voice commands, commander knob or touch screen. Simply follow the prompts on the screen or activate voice recognition using the buttons on your steering wheel. You may review a list of commands that can be spoken at any time in the menu. Click here to view, print or download a pdf list of global commands.

To get started using the voice recognition system, just follow these simple commands. The system will walk you through the rest of the commands with ease.

To receive or accept an incoming call:

  • Press the TALK button on your steering wheel and say "Hello".

To dial or place an outgoing call:

To make a call, at any time you may press the TALK button, wait for the beep, and then say:

  • "CALL" or "DIAL"
  • "CALL" or "DIAL" + the person’s name you want to call. "CALL JOHN SMITH”
  • "CALL" or "DIAL" + the number you want to dial. "CALL 555-1212”

Functions and options using voice recognition:

  1. Say "REDIAL" to call the last contact dialed.
  2. Say "CALL BACK" to call the last person who called you.
  3. Say "GO TO CONTACTS" or "SHOW CONTACTS" to display contact list.
  4. Say "RECENT CALLS" to display call history.