Pandora® is free, personalized Internet radio that can be accessed via your paired smartphone through Bluetooth® connection. Simply enter an artist, track or genre and Pandora® will create a personalized station based on the information you provided. Give songs a thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating to help Pandora® refine your station to play only music you love. For more information, visit

Some set up is necessary before using Pandora®:

  1. Bluetooth® is required. If your device has not been paired with your vehicle, click here.
  2. Install the Pandora® application on your device.
  3. Create a Pandora® account.
  4. Create a Pandora® station using the Pandora® application.

Using Pandora®:

  1. Select ENTERTAINMENT from the Home screen. The display will return to the last audio source visited (default is FM radio), the Entertainment menu will be visible at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select AUDIO SOURCE.
  3. Select Pandora®.

Functions and options:

  1. Select STATION LIST, make your selection.
  2. Select PLAY/PAUSE to play a song; say "PAUSE" or press again to pause temporarily.
  3. Select SKIP/THUMBS-DOWN to tell Pandora® to skip a song and not to include similar songs on your station.
  4. Select THUMBS-UP to tell Pandora® you like a song and to include similar songs on your station.
  5. Select BOOKMARK to bookmark the song or artist currently being played.
  6. Select NEXT to move to the next song.
  7. Select SETTINGS to adjust sound quality levels; use commander knob to make adjustments.

Select how songs are sorted for play:

  1. Select SONG LIST.
  2. Select SORT BY. Make your selection.
  3. Select QUICK MIX to play songs in random order.
  4. Select DATE to sort songs by date played in current station.
  5. Select A-Z to sort by alphabetical order.

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